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Leadership Programs

Global Initiative - Promotion of U.S economic trade relations with Africa: 

You will serve as a liaison entity to promote trade missions, and cooperation between African and U.S. businesses while reducing trade barriers and incorporating cultural and technical regulations.


Seminars/Trade Shows:

You will convene meetings and a range of workshops for business and governmental entities, in efforts to promote mentorship, cultural resources and gather referrals to boost trade and tourism.


Healthcare Summit

Salute to Small Business 

Global Women Leadership Summit 

Economic Summit

Training and Development for Small Business

Educational Seminar and Workforce Development

Business Procurement

Chamber’s signature events, networking,  reward and recognition program:  

You will highlight leaders who promote and support stronger business and development ties.

Small Business Award Events

Business and Membership Luncheon



Advocacy and Government Affairs:

As the unified voice of our members, ACCAT is the chief advocate for governmental policies that favor better and improved conditions which will promote commerce, and help keep a competitive edge in both the short and long-term. We work against entrenched interests to change the status quo and collaborate to advance the common good.

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